The Self Awareness Centre is ready to support you to achieve your goals, work together with you to overcome the challenges of everyday life and help you to make positive, long-lasting changes.

I am committed to providing professional, compassionate, and effective guidance and counselling by offering face to face sessions to assist you to find balance in your life.

Together, we will work to change your perspective and give you new awareness and insight into who you are along with developing your skills and strengths to create lasting transformation.

You are the expert in your life, and I am here to work with you and help guide you to reconnect with your true, inner self.

Are you ready to:

  • Make positive changes in your life
  • Take control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions
  • Gain clarity around issues and concerns
  • Be better equipped to manage stressful situations
  • Stop worrying about what other people think of you
  • Feel more confident and boost your self-esteem
  • Bring peace and calmness into your everyday life and relationships
  • Have a clearer understanding of what makes you act and react the way you do
  • Talk about what is holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams?